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opkg not updating status file from php


I'm trying to implement a software update system for our proprietary software where the ipk files are automatically fetched, then the user is provided a web interface to select a version and apply it.  I am using PHP to execute opkg, but things aren't working right.


At first, the package would not install because it didn't like the architecture.  That was a bogus error as the arch type was present.  I used --force-depends (along with -V4 to see what was going on) and it installed, but did not update the opkg database (in /var/lib/opkg/status).  The .control and .list files were updated/created in /var/lib/opkg/info/, just not the status file listing what packages are installed.  When I compare running the command directly from the console as opposed to running via PHP, I noticed the post-install step is what seems to update the status file.  I added --force-postinstall to my PHP command line, to no avail.


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