need advice about running database server on Gumstix

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need advice about running database server on Gumstix

Robert Dodier

I 'm considering running a database server (MySQL or Postgresql,
preferably MySQL) on a Gumstix Verdex.
The Verdex has Buildroot r1545 running on it.
Yes, that's out of date, but it has suited our needs for
a long time so I haven't changed it. I'd prefer to avoid rebuilding
Linux, and I'd really, really like to avoid switching over to

Can someone make a recommendation about where to go from here?
MySQL vs Postgresql, Buildroot vs OE, existing Buildroot r1545
vs something newer? I 'd be interested to hear from anyone who
has experience running a database server on Gumstix.

Thanks for your help,

Robert Dodier

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