implementing a serial modem via stuart port on robostix

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implementing a serial modem via stuart port on robostix

Hi all,
So..I bought a CF Pack and have been working with it for
a bit now. I want to drop the tweener board and use the
RS232 level shifter I bought from SparkFun on the Robostix's
FFUART port as the console and use the STUART port on the
Robostix for a dial-up serial modem that I obtained from Multitech.
I've been using the level shifter on the Robostix STUART port
successfully as an additional console, so I'm certain that
removing  the tweener and using the FFUART port for the console
should not be a problem.

The modem is an embedded modem module
and supports both TTL and RS232. My hope is that I should be able to somehow
turn off all modem lines except RX/TX and use the modem via TTL on the
Robostix STUART port. I'm not sure how to go about doing this however.
I'm not even sure if one can use a modem with only RX and TX. I see people
saying they have gotten serial modems working with the tweener, and it
only has (unless I'm mistaken) +5v/Gnd/TX/Rx lines as well.

How to do this?
I know that the STUART port lives on /dev/ttyS2 and as I mentioned,
using that for a console works fine. But how to make the modem work
on it?

Many thanks for any help!!

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