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gumstix duovero serial and wifi

Carmelo (Carlo) Sferrazza

I am a student at ETH Zurich, where I am working at my Master's Thesis.
We are using a Gumstix Duovero Zephyr COM in combination with a Parlor board. We'd like to communicate through UART2 with another device, and at the same time we'd like to have access to the COM through the WiFi interface.
We've tried 2 different attempts:

- Running Ubuntu on the Gumstix make the serial communication working, but we've found no way of using the WiFi, even using the following guide for Overo:

- Running Yocto with Xfce on the Gumstix make the WiFi working. On the other side, we've experienced some lags in the serial communication, that often imply a data loss.

Do you have any suggestions to solve on of these problems?
Thank you in advance for your answer.

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