defaults file system images and MP4 streaming

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defaults file system images and MP4 streaming

Hi everybody,

  I need some orientation over, I followed the instructions in the web page to build the default images using bitbake for overo devices, but seems to have a lot of broken packages, and I need build a file system that allow me to show MP4 over HDMI.

  Time ago I was able to build images properly, but seems to have problems, or I don't understand properly the way to bring correct images using Git.

  In other matter, I had to change permission for "/usr/local/include", to allow bitbake to put some headers files on it, but when I need to build something in my native system, thous files don't allow me to compile properly, I have gcc 4.7 like native compiler, and bitbake use 4.3.3.

  I'm using Slackware 64bits with multilib.

Thanks you in advance

  JP Cordova E.
Juan Pablo Cordova E.