bitbake build to a specific kernel questions

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bitbake build to a specific kernel questions

Im building using kernel 2.6.34 (set in build/config/local) and PREFERED_PROVIDER = linux-omap-caspapx.

I then bitbake as follows:

bitbake task-gstreamer-ti
bitbake virtual/kernel
bitbake linux-omap3-caspapx
bitbake x-load
bitbake u-boot-omap3
bitbake dsp-console-image

While the results seems to work (I can stream from the caspa camera), I get modules built for both 2.6.32 and 3.2.0 kernels, and the uImage link in the /boot dir is linked to the 3.2.0 kernel. When I do a uname -a, the kernel is 2.6.34.

Im I doing something wrong?