Yocto: "Jumpnow" or "Repo"?

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Yocto: "Jumpnow" or "Repo"?

Arne Lie



I just realized that there are two different "recipes" in how to obtain the Yocto system for Gumstix: the "jumpnow" way or the "Repo" way. URLs:




I have only up to now concentrated on the jumpnow system, but I have also downloaded the "Repo" system. I see from the main directory that the obvious difference is that meta-jumpnow is in the former, while meta-gumstix is in the latter. Questions:

·         What is the difference?

·         Which one is preferable?

My host Linux PC is Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTE, and my main goals is a console image with fast boot and power management features for low consumption.





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Re: Yocto: "Jumpnow" or "Repo"?

Scott Ellis
Nice, but I wouldn't assign too much significance to my repos.

It's just 'a way' to build a Gumstix system, not one of 'the ways'.

The point of Yocto and the layering system are for customization.

I'm sure plenty of other Gumstix developers have their own custom
Yocto layers. Mine predates meta-gumstix and was based originally
on some of Steve Sakoman's repos from last Spring when I finally
got fed up with overo-oe. It's diverged signficantly since so don't
blame Steve for any of my bugs.

You probably want your own layer whether you realize it yet or not.

I tend to work on Gumstix projects that are dedicated systems,
usually just a single app, frequently Qt embedded, with custom
drivers, bootloader and kernel. Usually its running on some custom
expansion board.

Those jumpnow images are really grab bag images with bloated
kernels and all the dev tools I like to use. They are for
experimentation, but geared towards my kind of projects. You
won't find an X or desktop image in my repos since that's not
the kind of thing I work on at least with Gumstix systems.

For any real projects I'd create a custom meta layer to use
instead of meta-jumpnow. I might use meta-jumpnow as the starting
point. I might not.

I see you are trying to disable services on a system. My approach
would be to customize the image to avoid installing the service.
But that's just my preference.