Using linux-omap-psp-2.6.32 recipe on CHESTNUT LCD

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Using linux-omap-psp-2.6.32 recipe on CHESTNUT LCD

Mark Russell
Hi all,

Would like to check if anyone of you have successfully made CHESTNUT LCD to display image using linux-omap-psp-2.6.32 recipe?

I have successfully compile the linux-omap-psp-2.6.32 image and manage to see image on the DVI monitor using the HDMI connector. But when i set defaultdisplay to lcd43, the CHESTNUT LCD only display white screen. I thought by writing  "setenv defaultdisplay lcd43; saveenv", I should be seeing image but I think I was wrong.

Is there any tweaking to be make to make this recipe worked on Chestnut?

Mark Russell