Stagecoach Console?

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Stagecoach Console?

I bought this stagecoach several weeks ago and I haven't been able to do anything with it.  I'm really at a loss for this board.  I have 7 Overo FEs plugged into the board.  Each is running the latest stable version of Angstrom.  When I put an individual Gumstix on a Tobi or Summit board, it boots up fine and connects to the network.  On the Stagecoach board, I get nothing over the console port for the board and none of the boards seem to boot up.  

I have tried following MLH's bring up instructions using Linaro instead of Angstrom, but still nothing.  

I assume the baud rate is 115200 for the stagecoach.  I am trying to connect over the serial to the console port that's near slot 7 and the ethernet jack using Putty, but all I have is a blank terminal window.