Serial comms to a VCP on a Linux host

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Serial comms to a VCP on a Linux host


I have an Overo plugged into a Tobi break-out board.  If I connect a USB lead between the OTG and a host (Windows or Linux) I get:


g_ticam gadget: high speed config #1: CDC Serial with RNDIS


On the windows PC the VCP enumerates, so (using e.g. TeraTerm) I can communicate with the Gumstix – no problem.


On the Ubuntu host, however, I am unable to persuade PuTTY to open up a serial link.  What do I have to do to connect my Linux machine to the Gumstix VCP?





PS I have used PuTTY in the past with FTDI USB-to-serial converter cables with /dev/ttyUSB0 as the serial line.





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