Reset button not working after write to flash

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Reset button not working after write to flash

After much testing we have determined that there is a definite problem with the reset button.

Here is the problem:

1. Boot Gumstix normally, login  do whatever (just no file writes) hit reset button - gumstix reboots ok.

 2. Boot Gumstix (powercycle) login, write to a file  ( eg. ps >junk )  hit reset button - system  locks up  and  requires a  power off  to restart.

3.  Boot Gumstix write to file,  issue reboot -f command - gumstix reboots ok.

Tested with latest stock kernel and uboot.

It appears that the reset button does not  do a true  hard  reset.

Henry Beblo
Selcom Industries Inc.

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