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Craig Hughes
Hmm.  Everything I'm reading that google can find says that with  
EABI, the stack should be 8-byte aligned.  Which buildroot version  
are you building with?


On May 17, 2007, at 7:00 AM, Tom St Denis wrote:

> We recently purchased a gumstix and need some development support.  
> The
> mailing list subscribe function doesn't seem to work [times out]  
> and you
> guys don't have another contact email around.
> So I'll ask my question and hopefully you can relay it;
> We're developing in C and using 64-bit data types (unsigned long  
> long).
> We know about the __attribute__ aligned thingy but the problem is the
> stack itself [or the stack frame] is not 8-byte aligned.  This results
> in a series of alignment traps whenever we use 64-bit data types.  Do
> you know how to coax GCC into keeping 64-bit alignment instead of 32?
> Thanks,
> Tom St Denis

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