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John, I’ve done the same thing.  I had to write a small app to manually bridge the two.  If anyone out there has a better way, I’d also like to hear it.




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I have an Overo IronStorm-Y running Poky 1.8. I'd like to configure it as an Access Point to provide internet access via a USB modem. So far I can connect to the Gumstix wirelessly using the AP (ap0). I can ping Internet locations from the Gumstix using the PPP connection (ppp0). What I cannot figure out yet is how to link the AP to the PPP connection so that I can access the internet using a device connected to the AP. I'm sure this is a common set-up but all the examples I have found assume I want to bridge from an Ethernet connection and the same method does not work with a PPP connection.


Any pointers would be most appreciated.




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