Overo Water COM and Pinto-th not connecting to computer

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Overo Water COM and Pinto-th not connecting to computer


I've looked at some of the previous posts on this issue, but am still having difficulty booting into my gumstix. Firstly, I'm a complete newbie to electronics and have no experience in this field, so it'd be great to have things explained in layman's terms. So I have an Overo Water COM and a Pinto-th expansion board (which only has USB OTG).

1. I've already made partitions on the microSD card and loaded the necessary files (rootfs, Yocto console image, etc), as per instructions on the Gumstix Getting Started website.

2. After mounting the overo on the pinto, I directly connected the expansion board to my computer using a mini-USB to USB cable.


In the above link on the Getting Started website, it says "Your Gumstix COM should be the last entry" (step 2). Below this, there are four lines of code, and the name of the COM should be in the last line. However, when I try this on my Linux computer, it only shows me the first line "console enabled".

What does this mean? Is the COM not establishing a connection to my computer? How can I get it to work? Any insights would be appreciated.