New user question on user.collection contents and linking library files

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New user question on user.collection contents and linking library files


I have an Ironstorm Overo that I am just getting the hang of and some hopefully obvious questions that I can't find the answers to.  I would like to create a user.collection folder inside my main overo-oe folder so I can make custom code and packages (and kernels).  I was going to copy over com.gumstix.collection, but that does not seem to exist.  Should I copy over the entire contents of the folder into my user.collection folder?  Or do I just need everything in recipes? I want to do a custom kernel as well and I assume I need to put my modified local.conf (I think its called) somewhere else.

and then, my .bb files for different packages go in their own folders inside the recipes folder?  Does it matter where I put the code itself as long as the path is correct?  Or is there a specific place that .c/.cpp/.h files should go? (I was going to make a "code" folder inside the user.collection folder)

Lastly, I am working on trying to compile some custom packages, for which instructions are online, and I have made some libraries (.so and .a files) that the instructions say should go in /usr/lib.  I have not been able to find that location anywhere.  Where should I put these types of files so that they are included (linked in) when I bitbake?  (I am doing and have just done the OmniOrb files and am trying to put those libraries in)

Thanks much.