More newbie questions. Which Wifi instructions for duovero??

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More newbie questions. Which Wifi instructions for duovero??


I'm gradually getting there, I've now got an images that boots (without holding my finger in the uSD), which I built using the instructions here, but I'm trying to get the wifi going using command line stuff here

When I go nmcli dev list I get one device, the ethernet come up. before anyone asks,  I have brought the duovero with wifi. If I go nmcli nm status the wifi is listed as being enabled.

Tying nmcli nm wifi on produces appears to do nothing.
There are no connections listed for wifi anywhere.

I'm sure I'm doing something stoopid, is there a complete idiots guide to setting up the wifi?
I've also seen a page that says completely un-install networkmanager.

Many thanks for your help.

BTW It probably has no bearing on this, but in the images directory when I do the build there is a modules.gz, which I don't have the foggiest what to do with.