Level of IrDA support on uart3 for Overo?

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Level of IrDA support on uart3 for Overo?

Chris G
Good evening,

I've got an Overo and I've configured the kernel with IrDA support, added irda-utils to the bitbake image recipe, built everything, and that seems to have gone ok, in that irattach at least runs and /proc/net/irda exists. I also have ppp working, so theoretically irnet should be able to use that.

Anyway, I'm confused about the operation of UART3 (ttyO2). Do I need to write a program to do the register accesses to configure UART3 in IrDA mode? Does some part of the IrDA stack handle that for me magically? Is there some support software to help me configure it?

I've read the various linux irda tutorials and howtos, but none of them quite seem to apply...

Thanks for any help or pointers.