Intel Joule based Expansion with PCIe

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Intel Joule based Expansion with PCIe

We ware looking at using the Intel Joule as a SoM for our design and are looking for an expansion board to work with the SoM. Geppetto is great but there are a few things that we cannot do using the tool and I was hoping to get some information about this.

1. We would like to use the PCIe interface on the Joule. The Joule multiplexes PCIe with USB3 Port 1. Most expansion boards do not expose the PCIe functionality and we need a board that does. I could not find a PCIe expansion connector on Geppetto. Is this something that is possible through the Gumstix Design services ?

2. In addition to a temperature sensor we would also like a gyro which I couldn't not find the parts library

3. We also would like to use an IO Expander and LED Driver IC both of which I could not find on the tool.

4. Finally we need an I2S interface to an Audio Codec. I could not wire this up on the tool.

Any ideas on how we can add the above to a custom designed expansion board ?