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IceSTORM Revision Question

Mark Likness

We're using the IceSTORM as an element of our system and have recently run across some Gumstix that seem to have an issue with the USB host port (which we tie via our custom carrier card to a Microchip SMSC7500 USB/Ethernet part with great success).  Some, not all, IceSTORM modules come up and don't see the USB/Ethernet.  If we switch to another Gumstix, the new one might see it just fine.  I have two IceSTORMs on my bench now that exhibit this issue (both GS3703WE-R3952).  Oddly, one of these two is completely missing IC1 for some reason, but neither has a functional USB/Ethernet.  I happen to have an older Gumstix (GS3703W-R3950) which works great on the same carrier with same boot media.


Are there any deltas between R3950 and R3952 that may have impacted the USB pins?  Inspecting the boards yields nothing obvious except the one that's missing IC1.


Your thoughts are welcome as the non-working boards are starting to pile up here and we have a large order to get out the door.  Thanks.





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