IMU data from M4 to Duvero

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IMU data from M4 to Duvero
Hi All,

I am looking for the steps to get IMU data being recorded periodically on the the M4 and sent over the serial bridge to the Duvero. 

I don’t need the whole QGroundControl or drone stuff running. Just something like the simple_app data would be fine at this point.

A line to some documentation/steps/examples to get me started would be a help. I know I am not the first person who has attempted this.

Glen Wernersbach
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Re: IMU data from M4 to Duvero

Andrew C. Smith
Hi Glen,

Look at this app

It connects to the serial bridge and redirects packets to a UDP port.  You could easily put an "if" statement in there that checks to see what packet it received and if it's an IMU packet (SCALED_IMU or RAW_IMU for example) then do something with it.

Hope this helps,