Hi-speed USB transfer from external FTDI module

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Hi-speed USB transfer from external FTDI module

Is it possible to use a Gumstix with USB host to download data at Hi Speed?

If so, does anyone have any experience to share getting this to work?

I currently have some custom hardware (not Gumstix related) which uses a ft232 hi speed usb interface. On the board this is connected to an FPGA which communicates using the synchronous FIFO mode. At the moment I can connect to a usb 2 port on my laptop and download data using some custom software which uses the ftdi d2xx driver.

I want to add connectivity options to this board, in particular ethernet and wifi.  Rather than make the hardware and firmware changes I thought I could use a Gumstix and expansion card to effectively act as a bridge. In fact it would replace the role of the laptop.

I have no experience with the Gumstix but it looks to me that the duovero plus parlor gives me what I need, a hi speed usb host and ethernet and wifi.  I would then write some custom software to take the data from the usb and push it into a socket which would be served either via ethernet or wifi with appropriate FIFO buffers to support the variation in rates across the bridge.

This all appears feasible but does anyone have any comments on this?  

Areas not clear to me is if the usb host on the parlor will give me quite what I need and if the d2xx drivers work ok on the Gumstix.

 My FPGA can push data out at 280Mbps and I would  like avoid throttling this ssignificantly when using ethernet. I would also like to maintain high throughput via wifi.