Gumstix Caspa VL vs USB camera

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Gumstix Caspa VL vs USB camera

Hi all,

I would like to know the advantages of buying Caspa VL camera(as it costs 75$) sold by Gumstix. What difference is caused when a normal USB camera is used for application in robotics?

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Re: Gumstix Caspa VL vs USB camera

Scott Ellis
Size is one reason to choose the Caspa.

If all you care about is streaming video off the Overo using
using the DSP to compress to h.264 then you might want to
choose the  Caspa or an e-con camera.

You can stream USB webcam data through the DSP/h.264, but
it's not as efficient as when used with an ISP camera. It does
work though and you can patch gstreamer to make it a little

In general, USB cameras give you much more flexibility in camera
selection and quality.

And the UVC  driver is much more likely to work with every kernel
and standard V4L client applications.

This is important as you can spend a lot of time getting an ISP based
camera solution working and then be wedded to the kernel you built
it for.

You can also easily migrate your solution to another platform, like a
Duovero for instance, if you stick with USB cameras.

Development is also easier to do on a workstation first if you choose
a USB camera.

If you are doing image processing on the Gumstix, then you probably
want YUV which you can take directly off almost any webcam.

If you are doing the image processing off the Gumstix, then you can
stream the webcam images using MJPEG which most webcams support
so the load is minimal on the Gumstix.

MJPEG is not as efficient as h.264 in terms of bandwidth, but it's much
easier to do image processing with MJPEG on the other end. (Every
image has everything you need).

My two cents.
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Re: Gumstix Caspa VL vs USB camera

Thanks a Lot Scott for the detailed answer. I have one last question, Which one would be better in between Caspa VL and FS?

gumstix website says that Caspa VL uses an optical filter to remove the infrared range and detects only visible spectrum light, whereas,  Caspa FS omits an optical filter, receiving the full-spectrum of light, including the infra-red range.

What does these difference have?