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GPU and QT

Peter Buelow
I'm just getting back to the Gumstix after a long break. I'm currently building the yocto image as I can't download the latest Ubuntu images due to a bad link on the gumstix download website via AWS (BTW, can someone fix that?). All I really want is QT5 over a framebuffer (or via X if need be) with GPU acceleration for animations. I'm going to use the DuoVero + the HTPC board to display to a small 10.1 panel from Adafruit to drive a kiosk type app.

What I don't see on the wiki or in the mailing list is any reference to how to enable the GPU if you need to with the most recent Yocto repo content? Or, if I get a hold of a recent Ubuntu image, does it enable the GPU by default? I don't care about the DSP. I'd be happy to help update the wiki, but I'm lost on what I need to know to start.

Can I just install the latest Ubuntu ARM to an SD card and use that?

Thanks for any help.


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