Encoding h264 with caspa vl on waterstorm

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Encoding h264 with caspa vl on waterstorm

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Hi all,

I need help to understand and use things.
I'm new to linux and embedded systems, I'm on a Yocto 1.7 (Poky) with materials like Tobi> WaterStorm> Caspa VL

I would encode a video stream in H264 and recover by Ethernet, but I do not use the H264 encoding.

Eventually I would like to register a stream a few seconds to test different encoding type on it, to make a comparison table.
I'm interested in any aid that could help me understand how to do this.
The functions to be used to record a "pure" and the video to encode later.

I am using the tutorial {1} ​​to stream a video, but such a point that I do not is that cromprend theora for encoding an error occurs:

I launch the 3rd command: media-ctl -r -l "MT9V032 3-005c": 0 -> "OMAP3 ISP CCDC": 0 [1], "OMAP3 ISP CCDC": 2 -> "OMAP3 ISP preview": 0 [1], "OMAP3 preview ISP": 1 -> "OMAP3 ISP resizer": 0 [1], "OMAP3 ISP resizer": 1 -> "OMAP3 ISP resizer output": 0 [1] '
Unable to parse link: Invalid argument (22) CNEN

thank you in advance for your help, if my problems are clear.


{1} https://wiki.gumstix.com/index.php/Caspa_camera_boards