DuoVero-Y UART 2

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DuoVero-Y UART 2

Daniel Madill
Is UART 2 TX/RX available for use on the DuoVero-Y COM expansion connector? If not, are there any other signals on the expansion connector that are not available on the DuoVero-Y compared to the DuoVero?

UART 2 was available on the older DuoVero expansion connector, but I notice in the 001-GS4430Y-DTS-changes-for-enabling-WiLink8.patch file that it enables "pin muxing for bt which is connected over UART2". The patch adds lines to enable UART2. We were using UART 2 on the expansion connector with the old DuoVero. Are these pins now N/C on the expansion connector or is there now a risk of conflict with the serial device we have connected on our custom daughter board to the UART2 lines? Also, if our software sends anything to UART 2 will it now be talking to Bluetooth?

BTW, the patch file to which I'm referring is under poky/meta-gumstix/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-gumstix-3.18/.