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DPRAM Interface

I am currently working an a development project which, among other things, requires me to utilize an industrial I/O Bus controller. I am having trouble working out the physical connection between the Overo COM and the device. The manufacturer says to access data as you would access any dual port memory device and defines the interface as follows:

"From an external point of view, the application interface is a common 8 bit parallel slave port interface
that can easily be incorporated into any microprocessor based system that has an address/data type bus.
Additionally, the application interface also features a reset pin, a busy signal, and an interrupt request

I see that the Overo COM provides External Memory Bus Signals. How do I (electrically / physically) access the address and data lines? I see them shown on the J4 connector on the bottom of the COM. Is there a breakout board that would go between the COM and an expansion board? If I go with the Alcatraz board, I loose the Ethernet port, which I also need. I am also noticing a mismatch between the signals listed for the Overo and module.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!