Conflict betwee Networkmanager and iwconfig commands

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Conflict betwee Networkmanager and iwconfig commands

We are currently trying to use the W2CBW003C 802.11b/g and Bluetooth chip in the GumStix FireStorm COM (Linux on ARM-Cortex) to create a local Ad-Hoc WiFi network. We appear to be having a conflict between the Networkmanager and the wireless-toolset software in setting the txpower levels.   If the Networkmanger is started, we cannot set the mode or essid using the iwconfig command, however, we can set the txpower through its entire power range (i.e. iwconfig wlan0 txpower < 4 :16>) .  If we stop the Networkmanager, we can now set the mode to Ad-Hoc and essid to “<myname>”, but now the txpower is fixed at either maximum power(16dBm) or completely turned off.  We were wondering if anybody had  this or any other strange interaction between the WiFi settings and the Networkmanager?

The follow is our hardware/software configuration to the best of my knowledge:
1. Board set:       Overo FireStorm (on a Tobi expansion board).  
2. Wifi Hw:         wi2wi W2CBW003 - 802.11 b/g +Bluetooth part. using the  Marvell 88W8686 SDIO/GSPI chip
3. Driver:            libertas   found in  /lib/firmware/sp8686.bin.  dated 9/10/2011
author Pierre Ossman
srcversion: 767AD2EF632DFA8C6BEF57D
alias: sdio:c*v02DFd9104*
alias: sdio:c*v02DFd9103*
depends: libertas
vermagic: 2.6.34 mod_unload modversions ARMv7
parm:  helper_name:charp
parm: fw_name:charp