Bluetooth PAN using Sakoman's gnome-r13 image

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Bluetooth PAN using Sakoman's gnome-r13 image


I am trying to create a PAN server using Sakoman's gnome-r13 image.  However, when I enable PAND in /etc/default/bluetooth, it does not create an interface (am using the pand options to listen for connections).  When I type 'ip link' I do not see a pan interface.  Any ideas?  I can get it to work fine on my Ubuntu desktop.

Also, I see in /etc/default/bluetooth the serial rate is set to 115200.  Why is this not set to 921600?  Can it be reliably run at 921600?  The wiki suggests a procedure to enable this speed, is this required?

Lastly, etc/init.d/bluetooth start is not call at boot, is there a reason for this?