Adjusting the dsp memory map

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Adjusting the dsp memory map

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I was curious if anyone has been successful modifying the memory map for the dsp. I have been looking at what Pixhawk did and have been thinking about trying to update what they did for 512mb overo waterstorm..

One thing I cannot find in the documentation is where exactly all the files are that need to be modified in each module(dsplink, c6accel, c6run, etc...) to properly configure the memory mapping

The ones that I have found:

in dsplink:   /dsplink/dsp/inc/DspBios/5.xx/OMAP3530/  & /config/all/CFG_OMAP3530_SHMEM.c

in c6accel: $C6accel_install_dir/soc/packages/ti/c6accel_unitservers/omap3530/server.tcf

in c6run /platforms/omap3530/platform.mak &

in codec_engines: /examples/ti/sdo/ce/examples/servers/all_codecs/ & /examples/ti/sdo/ce/examples/buildutils/
for codec_engines It might also be linked to dsplink( /codecengine/build/dsplink/config/all/processor_dsplink_linkcfg_OMAP3530.c )

I'm not sure about framework_components and a few others but I don't there is anything that it needs or links to for dsp memory...

Has anyone had success with this and notice any files I'm missing?  My first attempt to modify memory failed. I will post this to TI too but thought I might get lucky with someone on here.


I was thinking there would be one to modify in linux_utils since that is where cmem is built but I think it gets defined from dsplink.